• Hema Virani

    U.S. Director: Modi Global | Director, Arts for India USA
    NY Associate Broker Licensee: Keller Williams Gold Coast | IL Managing Broker Licensee: Keller Williams | NJ Associate Broker Licensee Candidate | CCIM Candidate

    Ms. Virani has combined all her experiences and a very highly effective and efficient team of qualified professionals and experts with over 45 years experience; in the law of the land, infrastructures of public services and private commerce, all aspects of technology, business and investment processes and ROI strategies, business incubation, integrated marketing, business management, tax codes and compliance,and business growth … In today’s world, Trading on the global platform to buy or sell products/services are necessary and not an option. If you are a mid to large size business outside US and feel there’s a market for your products/services, or you just want to create an asset base in North America, but don’t have the resources to maintain such a presence in the United States, from start-up to mergers and acquisitions, Hema offers accompaniment from Strategy to Execution.

    “Having been in the real estate industry in some fashion or the other for over 2 decades, all I ever heard was 'Location, Location, Location' , however, I truly believe in today's world, I have to say, 'LOCATION, LOCATION, ADAPTATION' is the next formula!”

    Hema is currently a CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Management) Designee and provides comparative market analysis as well as adaptation models for a range of investment firms. Prior to joining DJK, Hema spent four years at RE/Max Fine Homes & Estates where she represented luxury properties in Long Island, Queens and internationally.

  • Judson Uhre


    Judson offers a unique understanding of the hospitality industry dating back to his childhood in South Dakota where he was raised in a family that successfully operated and developed hotels.

    As a Hotel Investment Advisor, Judson Uhre is a real estate broker in Arizona. Judd is a dedicated hotel professional with proven experience in building professional relationships, developing successful sales strategies, and closing sales. This has earned Judd tremendous success in the hospitality industry. With his sale of the nationwide Hilton Garden & Holiday Inn hotel portfolio, Judd has significant experience with multi-million dollar transactions, guaranteeing his clients’ outstanding service and knowledge. Buyers and Sellers alike, report that Judd’s impeccable integrity and ability of successfully communicating the risks and rewards of hotel ownership builds an instant bond of trust and confidence. Judd’s extensive knowledge of the hotel industry encompasses a variety of specific interests, including the founding of an american hotel & lodging supply company called hotels4humanity.com and the secretary of Retsel corporations board of directors.

  • Mike Raja


    Mike Raja has been in the hospitality industry for more then 15 yrs. He has owned and operated various brands of IHG,Best Western,Choice ,WYN. Mike has been involved in Hotel Brokerage form 8 + years and have worked on deals around the country. Having a indepth experience as a Owner / Operator, Mike has a very sound knowledge of the requirements of the Buyer Side and the Seller Side. Mike has also worked on Re-Branding, PIP , Renovations and his experience helps both the buyer side and the seller side in deciding the best strategy in a Asset Transaction. Mike lives with his Family in Los Angeles, CA and is very passionate about the hospitality industry. He has very strong connections with Franchise, Buyers, Sellers and Lenders .

  • John Berrios


    John Berrios is Broker and founder of Pegasus Realty & Investments Inc., a private real estate brokerage and investment corporation for over eight years. He is an Alumni at Indiana University.

    John happily serves his clients with experienced and commited proffesional services with honesty, integrety and transparency. These services has help his clients achieve their highest investment goals.

    John works diligently, inteligently and carefully with his clients from the beginning to the end of his client representation. "My caring and dedicated professional services provide diverse options for private off-market and on-market hotel Investment opportunities for my clients." John said these services has lead him to work with some of the industry's highest successful investors. John has helped his clients obtain commercial loans with cash down payments as low as 15%, competitive interest rates, comfortable terms and offers a variety of ways to leverage their capital for acquisition opportunities. John's services range from franchised, independant brands, luxury and non-luxury hotels/motels to retail, office and mixed-use properties. "My represention in a small or large transaction are both equally very important to me. I work hard to learn my client's investment approach and thereby provide such with a highly customized service in order to earn my client's trust for their continued success and prosperity." Said John.

    John's office is located in the beautiful town of Westlake Village, CA.

  • Dustin Hughey

    TX #576673

    Please contact this broker only if you have an interest in a specific property. If someone asks you not to send these e-mails to them, please comply.

  • Holland Wiler

    Please contact this broker only if you have an interest in a specific property. If someone asks you not to send these e-mails to them, please comply.